Top 5 Monogrammed Graduation/Gift Ideas

The last day of school for us was Friday, and graduation is literally weeks! I know many people are frantically searching for cute high school or college graduation presents for their friends and families. Well, I’m here to help you out!



^ where I got mine!

2. Monogrammed Necklaces/Jewelry

Many girls decide to rush sororities for college and I know here at UT, a great present would be monogrammed necklaces or bracelets. 

bracelets < some of my actual bracelets.

3. Monogrammed Makeup Bags!

makeup bag  < might be easier for pick up if you live in the Houston area

4. Monogrammed Towels

one of my mottos is… you can never have too many monogrammed towels.

monogrammed towels

5. Oversized Clutches!

perfect for going out!

oversized clutch

Send me an email if you have any more questions!

One thought on “Top 5 Monogrammed Graduation/Gift Ideas

  1. These are all adorable! I have been wanting to pick up a monogrammed bracelet. I just read a post (might have been you) that said something about how monograms are all over the South right now and they were right!

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